About us

Sjekloća Winery is the first registered private wine production facility in Montenegro. It is owned by Milenko K. Sjekloća (Syeklocha), who continues the five-century old family tradition of wine-making combined with modern methods in the production of grapes, wine and grape brandy. The winery is situated in Crmnica (Tsrmnitsa), the heart of the old Montenegro, surrounded by own vineyards in which one third of the vines are over one hundred years old.

Due to favorable agro-ecological conditions, the district of Crmnica, where the Mediterranean and the continental climates interchange, is suitable for growing grapevine and for the production of high quality grapes and wines. The grapevine is respected here because of its fruit that invigorates both soul and body. In Crmnica, the grapevine is considered a sacred plant, while for centuries wine has been considered to be a synthesis of everything that one could wish for, a sign of power and prestige, but also the source of survival contributing to the economic and spiritual development. Sandy soil, the high quality autochthonous sorts of grapevine Vranac and Kratošija, a high number of  sunny days and the unspoiled natural environment yield the  premium cru wine Sjekloća of specific organoleptic characteristics, which was confirmed by numerous golden medals won at international wine competitions under the auspices of O.I.V. (The International Office of Vine and Wine).

Our vineyards are maintained in a close-to-natural way, and in our wine cellar we remain faithful to traditional methods and use oak barrels for aging the wine. Knowledge, the wine culture and the love for wine-making are passed on from generation to generation, so that the origin of Sjekloća Winery is a natural outcome of this long and rich tradition.



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