Milenko K

We are:

Milenko K. Sjekloća, Owner and Winemaker

Born in Crmnica / Municipality of Bar

20th February 1950

Married with three children

Spouse: Borislavka

Daughters: Marijana and Ljiljana

Son: Aleksandar

To produce a good wine is the wish of everyone who is seriously in this business. But there is a long way from a wish to its realisation. Wine is a reflection of a climate, that is of everything that happens under the “segment of the sky” where it is produced. It is based on a double connection: on the one hand, there is nature, on the other, the man who produces the wine with patience, skill and love, which he can bestow on the wine.

“My wine is a synthesis of my own personality and my family tradition - it is my culture. I could not produce an anonymous wine, a wine without my own family name”.

 Those to whom wine is not just an ordinary drink, who recognise in it the depths of human history and the polysemic and multi-layered nature of it as one of the oldest symbols of human civilisation, those in whom the colour, the “nose” and the sensations of wine can evoke memories of dear people, paths taken, faces met and landscapes walked along in this “short time without account” – as the Nobel Prize Winner, novelist Ivo Andrić would say – ini a wiord, those drinking the premium cru Sjekloća wine will see behind it a man with all his ideals, who loves Montenegro, who adores his 1.5 hectares of vineyard as much as his wife and children.



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