Argumentation of the Award of the city of Bar „ 24th November “

Today in Bar, in Montenegro and in many towns out of Montenegro its is enough to say Vranac ,,Sjekloca’’, and how did all this begin? How did the graduated legist and the last president of the Municipal committee of the Union of Communists of Yugoslavia in Bar become the father of far and wide famous vranac ,,Sjekloca’’?

Miljenko Sjekloca was born in 1950 in Crmnica. He started with vineyard farming in the nineties of the past century, as he says ,, by the constellation of circumstances’’, in time when in Montenegro little of something remained except the struggle for surviving, like what it was more and less also the whole previous period, wishing to prove that the impossible is possible and that in one moment it is possible to establish world standards in production of wines in the village of Crmnica. And so that it started. He registered the first private wine cellar in Montenegro and he returned to the five centuries old family tradition in production of wine. He knew thereat that from the wish to the achievement is the long way, that in production of wine there were no shortcuts to the goal and that whoever, as he loves to say, hurries with the wine, all the same in any moment, in production or in its drinking, he will not arrive to far. He then decided that the wine he would produce be the synthesis of his personality and family tradition. He armed himself with patience skill, knowledge and love which can be gifted to vine. He was convicted that the vine-rich Crmnica valley would not betray him. Ant it was not betrayed him. Soon the significant international recognitions commence, from Belgrade to London. To win some of Decanter recognitions in London is the most respectable support which one producer and his product may obtain. Such brilliant results are the proof that the vranac ,,Sjekloca’’ has reached the level of world famous wines, outcompeting even and many bigger and more experienced producers. Thereby and Miljenko Sjekloca proved that ,,small’’ countries can have ..great’’ products because inserting of vranac ,,Sjekloca’’, after the success in London, into the catalogues of recommended wines, with promotion of wine goes also the promotion of his town and his country, and vranac ,,Sjekloca’’ becomes not only the brand recognizable and appreciate out of Montenegro but also the brand of Montenegro.

In Bar, on 24th November 2009 Municipal assembly Bar



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