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Wine Well Sjekloća

The vine -and wine- growing Crmnica valley is situated at the warm south of Montenegro, between the Adriatic Sea and Lake Skadar (Scutari), and is characterised by the mild Mediterranean climate and light precipitation during the period of grape ripening. The vineyards of Sjekloća Winery spread along hillside terraces, on the warmer southern slopes of the village of Limljani, at the altitude of 30-40 metres above the sea. The soil is poor and porous and with low water-retention, and the small dark-coloured stones in it absorb the sun’s heat during the day and emit it during the night, thus facilitating the ripening of the grapes. During the ripening stage the vineyards are covered with nets to protect the palnts and fruits from high temperatures while keeping the day’s warmth and reducing the harmful effects of dew or possible hail. The planting density is 5000 vine-stocks per hectare. The selective harvest is done exclusively by hand at the time of the ideal ripeness of the fruits.



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