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Wine Well Sjekloća

The Sjekloća family’s winery/cellar is located at 30 km from Podgorica, Budva and Bar, in the rural area of Crmnica. It makes an ideal place of retreat from urban life. Along the way to the facility one will enjoy the natural beauties of Lake Skadar National Park and the specific geographic features of Crmnica itself. Once you arrive at the Sjekloća Wine-Growing Estate, you will find yourself in a somewhat forgotten corner of the world in which soil, grapevine and man are tied by primordial bonds. You will experience true pleasure in our cellar tasting our first-class wine “Vranac” and enjoying in its unique bouquet. And after swirling the wine in your glass, you will actually see Bacchus’s (Dionysus) tears flowing down the bowl. Golden medals for quality won at international competitions verify the continuing quality of the Sjekloća Winery products. All of our prized wines are well positioned on the market and are also available in our cellar. We represent that we do not prepare our wine with the aim of winning medals; we make it with love to offer our customers a top-quality product.

For group visits to the Sjekloća Wine-Growing Estate arrangements should be made by phone.

The price of Eur 50 per person covers the tour of our vineyards and cellar with the expert guidance of the hospitable master of the house, wine tasting and purchase of the wine one cannot find on the market (sold only on-site). The standard tasting in a special tasting room includes sampling of three different vintage wines. Each subsequent tasting is charged extra.

When prearranged, a lunch(eon) could be organised.

Visits, payments and the protocol are to be arranged in advance with the owner by:

Mobitel: + 382 (0) 69 02 02 85

fax: +382 (0) 20 712 321,


For the one or two hours of your visit here, all your worries will vanish and your souls will be inspired.




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